Sharpen Your Axe Throwing Skills

You'll have a great time at our axe throwing facility

At our axe throwing house, you can enjoy one our soft drinks or BYOB while you learn about axe throwing. Looking to spend a fun night with your friends? We offer axe throwing parties so you can all learn how to throw an axe.

Our axe throwing lessons and parties are:

Family-friendly and available for ages 4 and up
Organized in 45-minute sessions
The most fun you can have in Broken Bow without needing a swimsuit

For groups larger than 10 people, you'll need a reservation and receive extra attention from instructors.

Come to our axe throwing bar today to see what we're all about.

Get a Handle
on Axe Throwing

Hone your axe throwing prowess in Broken Bow, OK

Want to learn how to throw an axe? Thomahawk's is the place to go. We offer axe throwing lessons and the opportunity to join an axe throwing league. You'll get the space you need to learn and improve your skills in a safe, encouraging environment in Broken Bow, OK.

Not sure you can hack it? Don't worry. We'll be with you every step of the way to make sure your stance and follow-through are where they need to be. We aren't here to judge you- we're here to teach you how axe throwing works.

Already a pro? Consider joining our competitive axe throwing league. You'll get to meet plenty of other people who share your interest in this exhilarating hobby.

Call 580-612-2429 now to learn more about axe throwing opportunities in Broken Bow, OK.

What makes Thomahawk's the place to go?

We're passionate about our axe throwing lessons and committed to giving you a fun experience you'll remember for a long time. We're certified in first aid, so you can feel safe when you're throwing axes. We're also affiliated with the World Axe Throwing League.